{ more formal bio }

My best days at work involve thinking expansively with entrepreneurs, philanthropists and foundations about how networks, design and strategy can amplify efforts at systems-level social change. There is usually chocolate involved.

I happily wear many hats. I am the Program Director of the Irvine New Leadership Network and a Senior Advisor with Open Impact. I spent a fun year embedded with the Fellow’s program at Stanford’s Hasso Plattner Institute of Design (aka the d.school) and three years as a Senior Advisor to DataKind. My consulting practice looks to amplify, accelerate and deepen the work of social change leaders and funders by embedding deeply at moments of transition and uncertainty to design for organizational growth or philanthropic investment. And I often get to write and speak about what I’m learning which is a pretty cool part of the job.

In a previous life, I was the first senior program officer at the Jim Joseph Foundation. It’s there, while stewarding a $40M grants portfolio, that I began to understand how powerful networks are in the transmission of values and ideas that are core to any effort at social change. Some of my work at the Foundation is featured in the book, Connecting to Change the World. I was also the founding director of the Israel Venture Network, a network of technology leaders from Israel and the US who leverage their resources to reduce social gaps in Israel. In 2011, I received the JJ Greenberg Award for Philanthropic Leadership from the Jewish Funders Network. That was a really good day especially in light of what JJ Greenberg was all about.

After 20 years, I’m considered native to the Bay Area. I live there with my husband and two daughters. I get to yoga twice a week. Ok, once.